How much is the price of synthetic resin tiles per square meter? Why is the gap so large?

Sales representatives are often asked this question: “How much does your synthetic resin tile cost per square meter? Why is it more expensive than others?” Today, Foshan Xingfa Tile Industry Co., Ltd. will talk about why the price gap of resin tile is so large, which is also a concern of many consumers. 



Due to the variety and diversity of resin tile selection, the price of resin tile is different in different situations, but the price is around value, which requires consumers to choose products according to their own needs. Therefore, the price of resin tile cannot be simply defined by a number.



Why is the price gap of synthetic resin tile so large? 

1. There is a big difference in the quotation of resin tile in the market. For the same thickness of resin tile, the price difference may be more than 20% when purchased from the manufacturer compared with the distributor. 

2. It is also related to the material. Some manufacturers use “semi-new materials”, that is, resin tile made of semi-new materials and semi-recycled old materials. This product is no worse than new materials in performance and durability. Other surface materials use ABS instead of ASA. Such products are worse. They will disappear in a few months and crack in 2-3 years, so their prices will be much cheaper. 

3. Regional differences, different regions have different consumption levels, the price of synthetic resin tile will also be different. The same brand of resin tile, some can be sold in forty or fifty provinces, some may only need thirty or forty. 

4. The thickness is slightly different in price. The thickness of synthetic resin tile is divided into 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm. The thicker the tile, the more expensive it is. 



Therefore, when consumers purchase resin tile, they should comprehensively compare the product quality, brand and manufacturer. Comparison is very important. Only by fully understanding the qualifications, professional spirit, successful cases and after-sales service of the resin tile production enterprises can we choose the resin tile products with high cost performance.