Guide to Installing Synthetic Resin Tiles

Synthetic resin tiles are high-quality, durable building materials widely used in various construction projects. Proper installation is essential to ensure their aesthetic appeal and longevity. Here is a brief guide on how to install synthetic resin tiles correctly:


Before beginning the installation of synthetic resin tiles, ensure that the underlying structure of the roof or wall is solid and level, with a clean and dry surface. Install the tiles under suitable weather conditions, avoiding rainy, foggy, extremely hot, or extremely cold days.

Installing the Base Layer:

Apply a primer to the surface of the base layer to enhance adhesion. Use a high-quality waterproof membrane to ensure the roof or wall is waterproof and to prevent moisture infiltration.

Marking and Positioning:

Using marking tools, mark and position the roof or wall according to the design drawings and specifications to ensure that the tiles are installed neatly and evenly.

Arranging the Tiles:

Start from the bottom of the roof or wall and install the synthetic resin tiles layer by layer according to the predetermined arrangement plan. Use construction adhesive or specialized glue to securely attach each tile to the base layer.

Securing the Tiles:

In addition to adhesive, use stainless steel nails or specialized fasteners to securely fix the synthetic resin tiles to the base layer, enhancing overall stability and wind resistance.

Tile Gaps:

Ensure there are appropriate gaps between the tiles during installation to allow for thermal expansion and contraction, preventing excessive stress between the tiles.

Inspection and Cleanup:

After installation, carefully check each tile to ensure it is securely fixed with no loose or unstable tiles. Ensure the edges are neat and tidy, preventing tiles from falling off. Clean the work area to maintain a tidy construction site.

Key Points:

The critical aspects of installing synthetic resin tiles include meticulous preparation and proper construction methods. Following this guide ensures that synthetic resin tiles are securely and attractively installed on roofs or walls, providing long-term reliable protection for buildings. Always follow relevant safety standards and manufacturer recommendations, and choose a professional installation team to ensure safety and quality.

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