Do PVC anti-corrosion tiles need maintenance?

Customers who have used color steel tiles know that they are easy to rust, have poor anti-corrosion properties, and often need to be maintained and maintained. In the past two years, PVC anti-corrosion tiles have been used to replace color steel tiles, and few people use color steel tiles. So, does PVC anti-corrosion tile need maintenance? Because color steel tile is iron, even if the surface is painted, the paint will fall off easily and rust, so we often need to renovate, so the maintenance cost will be relatively high. PVC anti-corrosion tile is resin material, with good anti-corrosion properties and never rust. Some people will say that PVC anti-corrosion tile is plastic and not durable. In fact, there is a big difference between resin and plastic. Plastic has a small amount of resin, so it is easy to age, but PVC anti-corrosion tile has a resin content of up to 80%. Experiments have shown that PVC anti-corrosion tiles have no reaction when immersed in various acids for 24 hours; resin tiles are not water-absorbent and not easy to adsorb dust. If it is a high-quality PVC anti-corrosion tile, no later maintenance is required for 30 years! PVC anti-corrosion tiles are light in weight, fireproof, insulated, windproof and shockproof, easy to install, environmentally friendly, etc., suitable for car sheds, passages, factories, etc., as an alternative to color steel tiles, and are becoming more and more widely used.