Comparison between synthetic resin tiles and color steel tiles: Everything you need to know

There are many types of roof tiles, each with its unique appearance and performance characteristics. Roof tiles are the most important component in building construction, as different shapes and colors can provide different decorative effects for a house, while different materials can offer varying levels of protection. Taking synthetic resin tiles and color steel tiles as examples, although both are new types of roofing materials, they have different effects and lifespans on a house. Do you know the difference between the two? Let’s learn together today!

Material Composition: Synthetic resin tiles are typically made of materials such as polyurethane, PVC, and ASA. Color steel tiles, on the other hand, are metal materials composed of galvanized steel sheets and coatings.

Durability: Synthetic resin tiles generally have good durability and can last for 20-30 years or more. Color steel tiles, while sturdy, are prone to corrosion and oxidation leading to rust, with a typical lifespan of 5-8 years.


Good Sound Insulation: It has a good noise absorption effect when subjected to external noises such as heavy rain and strong winds. On the other hand, color steel tiles may amplify noise due to their thin material and metal conductivity, which can disrupt rest.


Heat Insulation and Insulation: Synthetic resin tiles are made of high-quality engineering plastics, which inherently block heat transfer and prevent electrical conduction. With a low thermal conductivity value, they exhibit excellent heat insulation properties. In contrast, color steel tiles have poor heat insulation due to the high thermal conductivity of metal, leading to rapid heat transfer and lack of insulation.


Appearance: Synthetic resin tiles offer a wide variety of accessories and colors, allowing for the construction of different roof styles according to customer preferences. On the other hand, color steel tiles have relatively limited shapes and colors, resulting in fewer options for roof styles.

In conclusion, a simple analysis of the various properties of synthetic resin tiles and color steel tiles makes it clear that synthetic resin tiles are superior.

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