Can residential roofs be installed with resin tiles?

Currently, residential roofs are generally covered with sloping tiles, which have better waterproof and insulation effects than flat roofs. Small green tiles and glazed tiles are fragile and need to be renovated every three to five years. If there are natural disasters such as earthquakes and hail, the consequences would be unimaginable. Therefore, new roof tiles with strong safety and outstanding functions are increasingly gaining attention. For example, in addition to the glory of urban slope engineering, they are becoming more and more popular in rural areas. For those who don’t know, can resin tiles be used for residential roofs? Is the price expensive? In fact, resin tiles are very suitable for residential use, and the price is moderate.



Synthetic resin tiles can be used for the renovation of new and old residential buildings. The real advantage is that its service life can be up to 30 years, and no renovation and maintenance is required during use. Resin tiles are made of ASA engineering resin, non-toxic and harmless, corrosion-resistant, not easy to age, and not easy to brittle like ordinary plastic products. For example, plastic parts of cars are very common in our lives. The plastic shell of the car has also experienced wind and rain and sun exposure for more than ten years without brittleness. The tiles are light in weight (6 kg per square meter) and fixed securely with self-tapping screws, and will not fall off. Even if there is a typhoon, it is not easy to overturn the tiles. Moreover, one tile can cover several square meters, using fewer joints to reduce the possibility of leakage, and the installation is also very labor-saving and time-saving.



Talking about the price of synthetic resin tiles again, the market price is generally more than 40 yuan per square meter. If we wholesale Xingfa tiles, it will be cheaper. Plus 200 yuan per day for each person’s salary (each person can install 100 square meters per day). Compared with other tile materials on the market, the price advantage of synthetic resin tiles is obvious.



Compared with small green tiles and glass tiles, resin tiles are safer and have no maintenance failures. Compared with color steel tiles, the service life of resin tiles is extended several times, and it will never rust, and the thermal insulation performance is better. With the progress of the times and the continuous innovation of material products, better products can meet the needs of the times. I believe that resin tiles, as an excellent sheet, will be more and more welcomed by people and will be extended to other fields.