Can I walk on the roof when installing resin tiles?

[Customer question] Can I walk on the roof when installing resin tiles?



[Xingfa Tile Tndustry answer] After testing, when the support spacing is 660mm and the load is 150kg, the resin tile will not crack or be damaged. 

[Response from netizens] Yes, the resin tile is light in weight, does not absorb water, and will not increase the bearing capacity of the supporting frame.

[Response from netizens] Under normal circumstances, there is no problem for one or two people to leave. Because the design of the roof at least takes into account the live load of the maintenance personnel, of course, if the original design is to consider the suspended ceiling, let alone. Master, it must be fine.



[Response from netizens] Now more and more people give up traditional tiles and use resin tiles instead. It is precisely because of its various performances that it satisfies various problems of consumers. After a single resin shingle installation specification, you will no longer have to worry about your roof for the next 30 years. Now is the best time to buy resin tiles, because resin tiles are a mature product.



[Response from netizens] The synthetic resin tile roof is really good. There will be no water leakage and no sound in rainy days. It has been in use for several years and still looks new.