Bubbles and Pinhole Defects on Resin Tiles: Root Causes and Effective Solutions

Resin tiles, a popular polymer composite material, are widely used in construction and engineering due to their excellent thermal insulation properties and lightweight, easy-to-install nature. However, bubbles and pinholes can sometimes appear on the surface of resin tiles. Today, let’s explore why these issues occur and how to effectively address them.

Causes of Bubble Formation:

  1. Mixing Process:During the manufacturing of resin tiles, if vacuum measures are not taken while mixing the polymer composite materials, residual gases can form bubbles within the material.
  2. Rapid Gelation:If the resin tiles gel too quickly, bubbles may not have enough time to escape, leading to their entrapment on the finished surface.
  3. Improper Material Ratios:Incorrect ratios of materials used in the resin tiles can contribute to bubble formation.
  4. Lack of Secondary Vacuum Treatment:Without a secondary vacuum treatment during manufacturing, bubbles may not be fully expelled.
  5. Absence of Additives:Not using wetting dispersants, defoamers, and other additives that can effectively reduce bubble formation.


  1. Technical Improvements:Implement vacuum measures during the mixing of polymer composite materials to ensure even mixing and minimize bubble formation.
  2. Control Gelation Speed:Adjust the temperature and duration of the gelation process to allow sufficient time for bubbles to escape.
  3. Accurate Material Ratios:Carefully control the ratios of materials used in resin tiles to ensure an optimal mix and reduce bubble issues.
  4. Secondary Vacuum Treatment:Introduce a secondary vacuum treatment step during manufacturing to more thoroughly expel bubbles.
  5. Additives:Appropriately add wetting dispersants, defoamers, and other additives to help reduce the likelihood of bubble formation.

By understanding the root causes of bubbles and pinholes on resin tiles and implementing these solutions, manufacturers can significantly improve the quality and performance of their products, ensuring a smoother and more reliable finish.

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