Asa surface material is the key to distinguish the quality of resin tiles

In 2023, synthetic resin tiles are very common in the building materials market. The reason for buying resin tiles is because of its advantages. Of course, only genuine resin tiles can show its advantages. Today, let’s talk about what the key factors of genuine resin tiles are. 



The surface of resin tiles is the most important. The surface material directly affects the service life of resin tiles. The surface material of genuine resin tiles is imported high-weathering ASA. Such resin tiles have good corrosion resistance and service life. The Xingfa resin tile products have passed 8000 hours of weathering test in the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center, and can provide test reports. 8000 hours is equivalent to 30 years of actual service life. 



There are also ABS resin tiles on the market. The price of ABS materials is much lower than ASA. Some small manufacturers use ABS instead of ASA. Such resin tile products will fade and deform in one or two years, thus affecting the service life of resin tiles, and eventually making ordinary people pay the bill. 



There is no difference in the surface of ASA and ABS resin tile products. Non-professionals can hardly tell the difference. Xingfa resin tile manufacturers suggest that everyone buy ASA synthetic resin tiles through the Xingfa resin tile official website. Genuine resin tiles are expensive, but they have a long service life. In this way, it is actually much cheaper than inferior resin tiles.