Anti-corrosion synthetic resin tile

  Xingfa high-quality anti-corrosion synthetic resin tile is widely used in flat-to-slope engineering, new villas and other building roofs; the surface of anti-corrosion synthetic resin tile is beautiful, with its own luster, and rich colors, durable, and strong anti-corrosion; it is suitable for various architectural styles, enhancing the overall beauty of the building, which is incomparable to traditional roof tiles.  



Product: Anti-corrosion synthetic resin tileingredients:ASA&PVC
Width:880mm&1050mmProduct function: flame retardant, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant
Length: customized in multiples of pitch( each pitch is 219 mm)Thickness:2.5mm、3.0mm
Each Pitch:219mm to 220mmWave distance:160mm
color:Grass Green、Ink Grey、RedWave height:30mm


The functions of high-quality anti-corrosion synthetic resin tile: 


  Waterproof: The surface of synthetic resin tile is smooth and smooth, and the drainage is smooth. The synthetic resin tile itself is not absorbent, and the absorption of water will increase the bearing pressure of the purlin, causing safety hazards. 



  Anti-corrosion: Synthetic resin tile has good corrosion resistance, can resist erosion caused by various climates such as sun, rain and frost, and has a service life of about 30 years. During use, no maintenance of tiles is required. Even if the roof is not maintained for a long time, there will be no moss, spots, no accumulation of ash, no water stains, and the roof will be cleaner after being washed by rainwater. 


  Heat insulation and heat preservation: The heat absorbed by the surface of synthetic resin tile is low, and the heat insulation performance is good. The synthetic resin tile house is warm in winter and cool in summer. 


  Fire resistance: The fire rating of resin tile belongs to B1 non-combustible grade, which is not self-igniting and does not assist combustion. 


  Easy installation: The resin tile is light, one can be laid for several square meters, easy and fast installation, and fewer joints.