After a long period of exposure, will the synthetic resin tile fade?

In recent years, synthetic resin tiles have gradually appeared in our lives, and glazed tiles and asbestos tiles have gradually been replaced by resin tiles. The color of resin tile has a variety of colors. In recent years resin tiles can be seen in buildings, factories, and other places.

Turning back to the topic, can the resin tile roof prevent high-level wind? This mainly depends on the installation method of resin tiles. The resin tile is windproof. In addition to windproofing, resin tiles are also insulated and have good negative loads, green environmental protection, fire prevention, good sound insulation effects, impact resistance, waterproof, insulation, low-temperature resistance, etc.

The surface material of the Xingfa resin tile is ASA. With the underlying raw material PVC, the stars are strong in the stars, and the pressure of the car will not be bad. After the car and the large truck are crushed, there is no burst surface.


High temperature is coming, the farm is installed with resin tiles to create a summer resort for small animals

On this hot summer day, the temperature is unbearable, let alone small animals. Because the regulatory function of small animals is poor, their immunity is low, they cannot withstand high temperatures, and it is easy to heat stroke and illness. I believe that the boss of the farm has a headache cooling down the little animals as soon as it arrives. You only need to install resin tile for the roof of the farm to create a comfortable and stable living environment for small animals.

The thermal insulation effect of the resin tile is beyond doubt. Its heat conduction coefficient is 0.325W/m.k, which is about 1/310 of the clay tiles, and 1/200 of 1/5, 0.5mm thick steel tiles of cement tiles. After using the resin tile, the heat conduction coefficient is low, and the speed of conduction heat is slow, which can keep the environment of the farm constant temperature, which is conducive to the growth of small animals. It is no longer afraid that it will not be able to adapt to high temperatures and heat stroke! Therefore, even if you don’t consider the insulation layer, the thermal insulation effect of the resin tile is ideal. If you pursue high comfort, you can lay a layer of insulation cotton in front of the resin tile, to play a better thermal insulation effect.

Therefore, compared with other roof tiles, the advantages of the resin tile in heat insulation are very prominent.


The resin tile is now a roof building material used by many villas because resin tiles are resistant to corrosion, waterproof, good-looking, etc., which are very suitable for roof building materials. But now many people don’t know the price of roof resin tiles very well this is affected by many factors.

1. How much is the resin tile roof one square meter?

Different manufacturers, different quality, different thicknesses, and specifications will affect the price of resin tiles. In Guangdong, the price of a resin tile roof is about 40 yuan per square meter.

How much does it cost to be a 100 -square -meter roof shop resin tile?

1. In Guangdong, the price of a resin tile roof is about 40-50 yuan, so 100 square meters of resin tiles need 4000-5000 yuan.

2. If it includes installation, the price of the package is about 120-150 yuan, and the 100-square-meter roof shop resin tile will cost 12,000-150,000 yuan.


[Customer Question] How many years can resin tiles generally use

[Answer 1] See how the quality of your resin tiles is, high -quality synthetic resin tiles can generally be used for about 30 years, but the synthetic resin tiles in the building materials market are mixed. The synthetic resin tiles will automatically fade, crack, etc. in five or six years. I recommend going to Xingfa Waye, a guaranteed resin tile manufacturer to purchase, and the quality is guaranteed. Compared.

[Answer 2] Good quality resin tiles can be guaranteed for 30 years. For example, like the resin tiles of the Xingfa Wa Industry, Xingfa Wae manufacturers can write a quality guarantee for 30 years, and they are confident in product quality.


Be careful of misunderstanding: the heavier feel, can the quality of the synthetic resin tile be better?

In recent years, due to the rapid rise of synthetic resin tiles and good development prospects, there are more and more manufacturers engaged in the production and sales of synthetic resin tiles. The entire resin tile market is mixed with fish and dragons, and more irresponsible manufacturers promoted it illegally: “The heavier the synthetic resin tile feels, the better the quality.” Misacted consumers to buy their products so that they can be beneficial. Is this the case? I don’t take it all!

As we all know, one of the advantages of the comparative circle of synthetic resin tiles is the light texture. It is precise because the price of the main raw material ASA engineering resin is 10 times more expensive than calcium carbonate powder, and the density of calcium carbonate powder is 10 times larger than the ASA engineering resin. Therefore, those manufacturers who say the more heavy and stronger the quality is nothing more than adding a large amount of calcium carbonate powder to the synthetic resin tile. On the one hand, the production cost is reduced, and on the other hand Essence

Because the synthetic resin tile adds a large amount of calcium carbonate powder, it lost its toughness. After installation, it cannot be cracking at all when it is completely involved in wind and rain. Moreover, the heavier the feel, the it is easy to put huge pressure on the roof and the beam. In case of collapse, the safety coefficient is low and it is prone to hidden safety hazards.

In summary, “the heavier the synthetic resin tile feels, the better the quality,” this is a wrong statement, don’t believe it. If you don’t know how to choose, then you must choose a large manufacturer focusing on research and development, production, and sales of resin tiles. It is strong and trustworthy, and resolutely do not do a self-smashing signboard!


When choosing a resin tile manufacturer, it is easy to be ignored!

As the process of resin tiles becomes more and more delicate, it has won the favor of the public. However, when buying, it will pay more attention to the price of resin tiles. If you want to buy a low-cost resin tile, it is necessary to understand its manufacturers, and then pay more than three. However, when we compare, it is easy to ignore some small details!

When investigating resin tile manufacturers, the details often ignored are: forgetting to check the implementation standards and product quality certification of resin tile manufacturers. Some manufacturers have obtained the ISO9001 quality management system, and the quality of resin tiles produced is naturally more secure! After all, this quality system certification has gold content, and its authenticity can be found online and cannot be faked. It represents not only the recognition of the product, but also increases the customer’s trust in the company and the product, and rest assured to buy it.

Therefore, when choosing a resin tile manufacturer, the price is important, but it is essential to check the details of the resin tile ISO9001 quality system certification!


In the hot summer, build a gazebo. Can use synthetic resin tiles to achieve the effect of insulation

In recent years, the development of urban and rural integration has achieved great results. The rural areas have also developed better and better. Looking at it, the villa rooms have beautiful scenery and even built a pavilion in their yard. In the hot summer, sitting cool, leisurely, and comfortable! I think: This is the reason why more and more people want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, choose to go home to build a favorite house and live a pure and free life. The gazebo, as the name suggests, is to make us feel cool and refreshing, and pay special attention to the performance of heat insulation. Therefore, more and more people are trustworthy and choose to synthesize resin tiles. Is it true that its insulation effect is so prominent for gazebos?

As we all know, synthetic resin tiles have the advantages of being color-lasting, light texture, light texture, green environmental protection, convenient for installation, excellent corrosion resistance, weather resistance, wind resistance, waterproof fire prevention, insulation and insulation, and tough durability. Coupled with its beautiful shape and a strong sense of three -dimensional, it has the characteristics of Chinese architecture, so that it can be so favored by the people.

For the gazebo, it is more appropriate to use synthetic resin tile insulation! The heating coefficient of the synthetic resin tile is 0.325W/m.k, which is about 1/310 of the clay tiles, and 1/200 of 1/5, 0.5mm thick steel tiles of cement tiles. Therefore, even if there is no insulation layer, synthetic resin tiles can achieve the ideal heat insulation effect. In the hot summer, stay quietly in the gazebo, and you won’t feel sultry!

If relatively high-temperature areas are relatively high, the insulation layer can be added before laying the synthetic resin tile to strengthen its thermal insulation effect.

In such a hot summer, let’s eat ice and ice cream in the gazebo built with synthetic resin tiles together, and enjoy this unique coolness!


A few major factors that affect the price of synthetic resin tiles differently

Synthetic resin tile has become the first choice in many industries with its beautiful appearance and excellent performance. Therefore, the competition for synthetic resin tiles in the market is extremely fierce. When purchasing, consumers, in addition to putting quality first consideration, prices are also important considerations. The price is as low as one square meter, and there are more than 60 yuan, and the price is uneven. Let’s take a look at the factors that affect the price.

The thickness of the synthetic resin tile

The conventional thickness of the synthetic resin tile is 2.0 mm-3.0 mm. To highlight their price competitive advantage, many manufacturers use the thickness of 2.5mm and 3.0mm to sell 2.5mm and 2.7mm. It saves raw materials, and the price is naturally cheap, but the service life of the synthetic resin tiles bought back is greatly shortened.

The proportion of synthetic resin tiles

Because the price of ASA engineering resin powder is 10 times more expensive than calcium carbonate powder, and the density of calcium carbonate powder is about 10 times larger than ASA engineering resin powder. Therefore, many bad manufacturers will add more calcium carbonate powder to reduce costs. The addition of plasticizers can increase the hardness of the tiles, leading to the fragmentation of the synthetic resin tiles, broken breaks, and aging.

Use recycling and filling

As mentioned in the previous article, to obtain more benefits, bad manufacturers use recycling and filling to reduce costs. The quality of the synthetic resin tiles produced is not standard at all, which not only greatly reduces the service life, but also loses the toughness, which causes the resin tiles to break, bend, and corrode.

Manufacturer’s cornering

In addition, the standard synthetic resin tile material must have four layers to exert its excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and other excellent properties, which is indispensable. However, bad manufacturers cut corners, only two to three floors, and they do not meet the quality standards at all, resulting in poor weather tiles and short service life.

Hydropower labor cost differences

The price of synthetic resin tiles is also closely related to the production process, R & D expenses, factory rent, labor, hydropower, and other costs of each manufacturer. The costs of different manufacturers are different, resulting in different prices of synthetic resin tiles. Therefore, the price of synthetic resin tiles in different regions is normal.

It can be seen that many factors affect synthetic resins. When you buy synthetic resin tiles, you must consider many aspects to buy a superior quality and beautiful synthetic resin tile.


After a long period of exposure, will the synthetic resin tile fade?

Today, the roof tile returns to the public’s sight with a new attitude. From the traditional tiles of a small piece of tradition to the current large-area synthetic resin tile, it continues to guard the generations of people under the eaves. The synthetic resin tiles are beautiful and elegant, colorful, light in texture, and tough and durable. It is widely used in new rural construction, villa roof decoration, flat-sloping project, garden building, gazebos, and other buildings. However, in the hot weather as hot in summer, many people will worry that the synthetic resin tiles on the cover will fade. This does not depend on the weather but on the material!

The surface layer of the synthetic resin tile is composed of imported ultra-high weather -resistant materials ASA. It has excellent corrosion resistance, is not easy to fade, is explosion -proof and has other properties. , Still, maintain the stability of its color and the original performance.

Good quality synthetic resin tiles can achieve color deviations ≤5%within 5 years, and color deviations in 10 years ≤15%. Keeping flatness in the roof will not occur without mottling and will not affect the quality of use. Instead, synthetic resin tiles are made of inferior materials. After the sun, the physical characteristics of the material will change quality, become crispy and soft, and softened! In just a few years or even a few months, it will fade into a large area!

Therefore, in the choice of synthetic resin tiles, we must be cautious and cautious. Do not choose a trusted resin tile manufacturer!