6 Tips to Distinguish Good and Bad Resin Tiles – How to Choose the Best Quality


In this article, we will discuss six key tips to help you differentiate between good and bad resin tiles. By focusing on aspects such as appearance, weight, tapping the tiles, manufacturer’s product reports, fire resistance tests, and selecting reputable manufacturers, you can make an informed decision when purchasing resin tiles.


  1. Appearance: High-quality resin tiles should have a smooth and uniform surface without any visible defects or discoloration. Check for consistency in color and texture across the tiles.


  1. Weight: Good resin tiles are usually heavier due to their higher density and better quality materials. Lighter tiles may indicate lower quality or thinner construction.


  1. Tapping the Tiles: Gently tap the tiles with your knuckles and listen to the sound produced. High-quality resin tiles will produce a clear, crisp sound, indicating solid construction. Dull or hollow sounds may suggest a lower quality product.


  1. Manufacturer’s Product Reports: Look for detailed product reports and specifications provided by the manufacturer. Reputable companies will often have comprehensive documentation on their products, including material composition, testing results, and certifications.


  1. Fire Resistance Test: Fire resistance is a crucial factor to consider when choosing resin tiles for your roof. Check if the tiles have undergone fire resistance tests and meet the required safety standards. Opt for tiles with higher fire ratings for added protection.


  1. Selecting a Reputable Manufacturer: Choose a manufacturer with a proven track record of producing high-quality resin tiles. Research the company’s reputation, customer reviews, and industry certifications to ensure reliability and product excellence.


By following these six tips, you can effectively evaluate the quality of resin tiles and make an informed decision when selecting the best product for your needs. Remember to prioritize factors such as appearance, weight, tapping sound, manufacturer’s reports, fire resistance, and the reputation of the manufacturer to ensure you are getting a durable and reliable roofing solution.

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